Future Experience Logo System & Collateral

Future Experience Logo System & Collateral

Adèle & The Beast has worked closely with start-up “Future Experience” to develop a visual identity that positions the event organiser as an innovative company unafraid to experiment with new technologies and immersive experiences to help designers and businesses exploring wider aspects of design.

Future Experience is an organisation that deliver the knowledge people and businesses need to design their future experience, by connecting people, organising workshops with international speakers, annual conference and online content.

Adèle & The Beast was approached by the founder of Future Experience to develop a visual identity that would appeal to technologists, designers and business owners.

After conducting creative research and getting to know the company’s values, it became apparent that Future Experience is governed by a desire to drive change and enable growth.

The new identity conveys the start-up’s approach and distinct character. One of the most eye-catching aspects of the Future Experience’s philosophy is its will to explore new possible futures in the area of design. “Adventurous” is the word that was mentioned the most during our meeting with the founder, alongside “creativity”. 

Adèle & The Beast created an abstract shape that would reflect best the company's drive to explore the unknown. Inspired by an hourglass, symbol of passing time, the logo plays with the glitch and distortion while echoing the X of experience. The ‘glitch’ serves as a visual metaphor of the transformation and disruption Future Experience delivers.


Adèle Poirier



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