Leaflet for "Lend Me a Tenor" by Ken Ludwig presented by Entity Theatre

Entity Theatre approached Adèle & The Beast to create the leaflet of their bi-annual production based on Eva Mueller's drawings.

In 2018 Adèle & The Beast received an email from Katrin Fegert, producer of “Lend Me a Tenor” at Entity Theatre, with a request to design the play’s communication based on Eva Mueller's drawings.

The English-Language Amateur Theatre in Munich was looking for help to reach better their audience. That email was the beginning of a mutually beneficial partnership between Adèle & The Beast and Entity Theatre e.V and it helped to jump-start Adèle & the Beast’s business in the entertainment sector.

In close collaboration with Entity Theatre PR team, Adèle & The Beast designed the leaflet with the goal of infusing the communication with the look and feel of the play. 



Adèle Poirier


Eva Mueller




"This is amazing, I love it!" (Katrin Ferget, producer)


"Thank you so much! In german, I would say “du bist ein Goldstück “. I like it so much working with you." (Christine Fuss, Entity Theatre Board Member)


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