Visual identity for a Tea house & coffee shop not like any other

Adèle & The Beast was approached by the founder of a new tea house and coffee shop to develop a visual identity that would appeal to shoppers and professionals in Nantes. The tea house concept is to offer an extensive, high-quality selection of teas and coffees from around the world in a welcoming atmosphere as both a weekday gourmand break and social afternoon experience.

 After conducting creative research and getting to know the founder, it became apparent that Ôjacaranda is governed by a desire to blend traditional with discovery.

The new identity conveys Ôjacaranda’s approach and distinct character. A geometric graphic has been created that reflects the shop’s strong culture and contemporary style. The ‘coffee stain’ can be also seen as an island and serves as a visual metaphor of Ôjacaranda’s philosophy - travelling through the exploration of senses.

The geometric and simplicity of the typeface while conflicting with the colourful and rough edges of the ‘coffee stain’ conveys the duality Ôjacaranda express - the traditional mind meeting the adventurous. Placing the letters Oj within a circle accompanied by the coffee stain produced a bird view of a coffee cup and formed in its globality the OJ brand monogram for use on menus, coasters, stickers and social media. Using these etchings on its menus, takeaway cups, interiors and social media give the brand an eye-catching unique presence.

As well as developing other aspects of Ôjacaranda visual identity like colour palettes and typeface, Adèle & The Beast created a short brand book that combines Ôjacaranda’s philosophy and values with communication guidelines to express them.



Adèle Poirier




Business cards


Simple brand book

Packaging label


Ôjacaranda's logotype expresses its personality in the interior of the shop.

Ôjacaranda is a land of discovery for tea and coffee from around the world, offering an extensive, high-quality selection. It is a small island of peacefulness, ideal for daydreaming, meeting with friends or studying.


The Brand book was created for Ôjacaranda's founder and employees as a reminder of the brand values as well as the way to visually express them.


The full identity system includes a mark, a dedicated color palette and a logotype.

The identity expresses the Ôjacaranda concept with customized typography and colour.


"Futura is a geometric based typeface that echoes the modern spirit of Ôjacaranda's brand whilst Georgia is a Transitional Serif, that share some features from both Old Styles serif and Modern-like ones."


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