At that time of the project I was living in Glasgow and just started freelancing. I wanted to participate to more design contest so I could work on more diverse challenge. I came across the website "Talenthouse" which curate design contest for a wide range of discipline.  While I was looking for a brief that would suit me, I found the challenge “adidas women”.

Here was the brief:
To amplify the adidas Studio LDN in London and their #HereToCreate campaign, adidas are inviting street artists, illustrators, graphic designers from around the world to create wall art/mural art, which will be displayed in an exhibition at their studio as well as on an outdoor wall.
They were looking for a captivating artwork that captures the intersection of sport and creativity too empower women with powerful and strong visuals.

I wanted to exercise myself to create within a short timeframe. I gave myself a day to come up with an idea and another day to create the design. I was happy with that process and the result that came up.

For the design I decided to represent quite literally the 'sporting and creativity' concept and create an eye catching wall art. The unity and symmetry of the mandala, paired with the organic and often irregularity of the human body evoke a sense of motion in the details but serenity as a whole.
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