This series of canvas is the creative solution to my unappealing walls.

The day I moved in my new flat on Duke Street in Glasgow, United Kingdom, I was so happy I had find something cheap with a reasonable sized room that I couldn’t care less about the little flaws of the flat. It was an old tenement flat with bad isolation from cold and noise,  surrounded by neglected walls and floors. The only thing that was bothering me was the walls of my bedroom which had a disgusting yellow-ish colour with dozens of BlueTac stains. At that time, I had no money to spend on new furniture or paint for walls of a flat I would live in only for maximum a year, so I used my creativity to make that flat something I could call “home”.
I thought “I will buy big canvases, paint something really simple on it, so it will cover a maximum of the stains” But because I can’t create for the sake of creating, I had to find a further purpose. This is when, after few days, from diverse inspiration, I found the story I wanted to tell. A traveling story. I would blend my interest for pattern design with stained glass geometry and represent countries I have been living in. I would explore ornament and pattern design of different cultures to create an appealing image which will lose people's eyes into the negative spaces, curves and corners of the design. I wanted to create a serie that would represent the most important decision I took in my life so far, a bit like a diary made out of canvases.
This is why you will see that all three of them start with a compass at their center. It is symbol of direction and travel and refer to this infinite journey that is life.

Now that I am close to finish the third of the serie, I decided to include it in another project. In collaboration with a very good friend, Maelle Cabio’ch Interior Architect, we are writing a book based on the canvas. Release date: In one year.
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