IDRF had designed several switches over the past few years, but now that smart objects invaded our homes, their technology became obsolete. They asked us to create a new product that can compete against their new competitors by using their existing technology. 

My role
Sketches // User Research // Concept // Arduino

Persona Creation & Customer journey
In order to highlight where a switch could become an issue in people's life. We listed all the situations of where a person uses a switch in a house, according to personas.

How might we create a switch for people with limited mobility?
Have you ever been in the situation of trying to turn on the light, music or gas with your elbow or your shoulders? Just because your hands were dirty or full? Or did the lack of strength make this action make you feel dependant? 
With a classic switch it is not so easy, is it?  
After several customer journey research and persona creation, we focused on those person in difficulties to push a switch because of the lack of strength. And we started to design a switch for them. 
Designing a button easy tu push.
The concept
A joystick switch
We designed a button that don't need to be pushed. With Eyesy you will be able to turn on the light even with the strength of a baby! We transformed an unsightly and non-stimulating switch into an easy and fun daily device. 
The switch works like a joystick console, its cover of grip and multidirectional so you never have to think about which way you should push the button.
User Scenarios
1: I am leaving the kitchen to go to the living room, so I want to turn off the light. The strength in my arm and finger is weaker and my gesture is not as controlled as before. The multidirectional switch makes it easy, the gesture don't need to be precise, and I don't need to change my all house for smart switch, or to have my smartphone on me.

2: It is a sunny Sunday and I am fixing my motorbike in my garage. At the end of the day, the sky goes darker and darker and I end up not seeing much. With my dirty hands I don't want to make the switch dirt as well. With the multidirectional switch I don't have to touch the switch with my hand, I turn on the light with my shoulder or my back.
3: It was a busy day today at work, I am tired but I am still motivated to go shopping and get me a nice dinner. Coming back home full of bags, in the corridor I want to turn on the light. I can't be bother leaving the bag on the floor so I turn on the light with my elbow.

3D rendering©Ines Le Bihan

3D rendering©Ines Le Bihan

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