Illustrations and layout for an association

Illustrations and layout for an association

Adèle & The Beast was approached by ÉduClimat's volunteers to refresh their set of educational activities named 'ClimatKit', so they would appeal better to children.

ÉduClimat is an initiative of Avenir Climatique association which aim to focus on climate change issues. ÉduClimat has the objective of helping teachers, the national education minister and eco-representatives by giving them tangible tools to support their messages.

Illustration & Layout

Adèle Poirier






ClimatKit comprises a set of playful and pedagogical activities about energy and climate concerns. After conducting creative research and collaborating with the volunteers, it became apparent that keeping a consistent identity and style within the illustrations while staying in line with the brand guidelines of Avenir Climatique was the main challenge. 

Based on the main colours of Avenir Climatique, an extended colour palette was created to accommodate the wide range of illustrations to be made. With earth inspired colours, they convey the ethic and philosophy of the association.

With a view to sustainability, the format of the page has been adapted to fit on an A4 paper when printed and illustrations were made not too heavy filled with background.

Camille, the ant, was born from the collaboration with the volunteers. The character accompanies the children in their learning journey. Three other animal-based characters were then developed to answer the inclusive questions EduClimat was eager to address. The animal-like character enabled us to create non-gender characters that everyone could relate to. The names were also chosen with cultural variety and genders in mind.

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Creative Research


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